Happy Holidays From The PeopleConnect Team - A Look Inside Our Annual Winter Party

December 28th, 2023


Ann Feister

December 28th, 2023

The weather outside was not frightful, but that didn’t stop us from dressing for the possibility of flurries at our annual PeopleConnect holiday party. PeopleConnect-HolidayParty2023-AtlasMedia 0121

Every December, our amazing HR team plans a show-stopping holiday soirée. This year the theme was aprés-ski and in true PeopleConnect form, the event was filled with laughter, libations, and gratitude for another year together.

The party is an opportunity to reconnect with our teammates personally and grow our bonds as not just colleagues, but also as friends. PeopleConnect-HolidayParty2023-AtlasMedia 0158

With members of our team joining from as far as New York and as close as a few blocks away from the party venue, it was a joyful reunion of friends from around the country. Over the years, our team has grown and some of us have relocated to other parts of the US. While we get to chat on calls, a special connection comes with being able to laugh together in the same room with old pals. PeopleConnect-HolidayParty2023-AtlasMedia 0133

And nothing will get a rolling, jelly-in-his-belly round of laughter going better than having your entire company dress up for a 1980s-style mountain resort after-party. Our dream team of creatively-minded folks went above and beyond when it came to sticking to the theme for the night.

From ski bunnies to neon-clad mountain enthusiasts, we had a variety of colorful and kooky costumes to take in visually throughout the evening. PeopleConnect-HolidayParty2023-AtlasMedia 0046

When we weren’t sipping on delicious and crafty cocktails, we were enjoying the dining options and specialty snacking stations throughout the venue.

PeopleConnect-HolidayParty2023-AtlasMedia 0165 As a welcome addition to the holiday cheer, Santa stopped by downtown San Diego to give out gifts. Good ol’ St. Nick made sure the team knew their hard work was appreciated and everyone got to select a surprise gift curated by the HR team. PeopleConnect-HolidayParty2023-AtlasMedia 0726

Santa’s collection of gifts included a Dyson vacuum, an electric scooter, AirPods, and many other fun trinkets for all to enjoy! PeopleConnect-HolidayParty2023-AtlasMedia 0171

After dancing the night away, we meandered to the dessert station where we were treated to a buffet of sweets to delight the eyes and the tastebuds. As the evening wound down, we all made our way home to cozy beds with visions of sugarplums and an espresso martini or two dancing in our heads.

PeopleConnect-HolidayParty2023-AtlasMedia 0194 This year’s party was unforgettable and a total success! The hard work, planning, and creativity that went into bringing our PeopleConnect team together was on display throughout the night. When we aren’t horsing around, we’re busy taking work pretty seriously, so a fun night of goofing with our friends is a holiday tradition we look forward to every year.

A big thank you to our amazing team that makes work fun all year long and to our HR party planners for the ten months they put into planning this massive event! We’re grateful to be able to do what we love while making a difference in the lives of our users.

PeopleConnect-HolidayParty2023-AtlasMedia 0362 Seasons greetings and holiday cheer to all from the team at PeopleConnect!


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Ann Feister

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